Major Tokens


GURU is an Algorithmic Currency Backed By Real World Assets. You can buy GURU on Sushiswap on the Polygon network.

sGURU - Staked GURU

You receive sGURU when you stake GURU at a 1:1 ratio. By staking your GURU you receive rebases roughly every 7 hours, i.e your balance of sGURU will grow. You can redeem sGURU back for GURU at any time.

Technical Tokens


In order to bootsrap the network and initial liquidty, alphaGURU (aGURU) was used as a pre-allocation token which allowed the early members of our discord to lay claim to GURU. aGURU can be redeemed for GURU 1 to 1. 5,000 aGURU were sold to the first members of our discord at a price of $20 per token. In addition to this some value add investors KOLs with significant following on social were allowed to purchase, in order to fill the full $100,000 required to seed the Sushiswap LP pool.


pGURU, was used to raise funds from private investors to bootstrap NidhiDAO. It is also our belief that a necessary component of a healthy protocol is an incentivized and aligned team. pGURU follows the same token mechanics as pOHM. With the Team, investors and advisors being allocated 11.8% and the DAO being allocated 88.2% of which 10% will be allocated to Olympus DAO.